From March to November, the New Orleans sailing community launches onto the lake on Wednesday nights, matching skills and wits against the crews of at least 30 other boats in a competitive, yet laid-back atmosphere that is a great way to break up the workweek. Friends gather together after work on their respective boats and share po-boys dinners and their favorite beverages before heading out to the racecourse right off of the point at West End. After the races, the crews belly up to the bar at NOYC and enjoy the camaraderie of their fellow sailors and hatch tall tales about their racing prowess over the sounds of live music and burgers.

Before the storm, New Orleans Yacht Club averaged more than 50 boats racing on Wednesday nights alone, but because of the fleet’s losses from the storm, the number was nearly cut in half. However, the fleet is growing every year as individuals replace or repair their boats. The record number of boats to ever race on a Wednesday night is 72.

For anyone who owns a sailboat and wants to learn to race, the club will either put a seasoned crew on their boat or get their skipper out on an existing racer for a few weeks to learn.

The club is always happy to facilitate and pair up people with boats. You don’t have to bring vast experience or equipment to the table and there is no fee for participating.

Boat call: 5:30-6:15pm

Finish: 8:30 pm (depending on the wind)

Individuals who are interested in crewing or racing their boat can contact NOYC. 


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