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New Decision in Annapolis

The new DECISION, a 2006 Botin & Carkeek Transpac 52, optimized for IRC in 2009, won both IRC and PHRF fleets in the Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Series which ended last weekend. Johnny Lovell did a great job calling tactics. Johnny also drove the last of the three weekends in the regatta. Joining the Decision team were Lake Pontchartrain veterans Al Gooch, Gjis “Guiness” Gunnemann, Will Gammel, Alex Clegg, and yours truly, who drove the first two weekends but was lucky enough to miss the freezing rain and 30+ knots of breeze on the last weekend. Those who braved the cold on the last weekend were rewarded with 20+ knots of boat-speed on the runs. Competition was fierce, with a lot of hot new boats, including Anema & Core (ex-Platoon), a J/V TP52 (also IRC-optimized); team Decision’s old adversary Sjambok, an R-P 45; a new canting keel Farr 11S; and a swarm of Farr 40’s. Congratulations and thanks to Johnny and the crew for a job well done.

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