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Quick answers for your most pressing needs…

– Is NOYC affiliated with Municipal Yacht Harbor? No. The harbor is a quasi public entity run by the city of New Orleans. While NOYC does overlook the harbor and many of our member’s boats call it home, we are a totally separate entity.

– How do I get a slip in Municipal Harbor? Please visit the New Orleans Municipal yacht Harbor website.

– Does NOYC have transient slips available? Yes. They are available on a first come-first serve basis at a rate of $2 a foot per night.

– Does NOYC have Dry Storage slips available? Yes. While nearly full, NOYC can accomodate boats up to 30′. Priorities for slip leasing goes to members of NOYC and actively sailed/raced boats.

– Is NOYC only made up of sailboat racers? Not at all. In fact, only about half of our membership actively campaigns. The club has a large cruising and powerboat contingent as well as individuals who don’t even own a boat.

– What is the ratio of powerboats vs. sailboats in the NOYC membership? The ratio is always changing, but it averages about 60% sailboats vs. 40% powerboats. Many members own both sail and power boats.

– Do you have to own a boat to be a member? Absolutely not. Nearly a quarter of our membership is comprised of non-boat owners. These are people who either crew for someone, have owned a boat in the past or simply enjoy being around the water. For more information on membership, clich HERE.

– Does the Club have a Food and Beverage minimum? No. The Club does not require the members to spend a given amount per month. For more information on club membership, click HERE.

Do I have to be a member of NOYC to race my sailboat? Certainly not, NOYC is here to facilitate and further the enjoyment of being out on the water. Many who participate in our races are members of various other yacht clubs from across the Gulf Coast and some are completely non-affiliated. Click HERE for more information.

– I’m not interested in racing sailboats, what interest would I have in joining NOYC? More than 40% of the club’s membership is made up of individuals who own powerboats and a large portion of our sailing contingent are cruisers. With events such as the Poker Run or the cruise to the Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival, there is a range of on the water events to suit any interests.

Do you have to be a member of NOYC to crew on a sailboat? Again, absolutely not. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship between skipper and crew for races. NOYC will actively assist in placing individuals on boats that need crew. Click HERE for more information.

How can I volunteer for Race Committee? RC is always looking for volunteers, especially for the larger regattas. All it takes is some energy and a keen eye towards having fun. Interested in volunteering, then click HERE.

– Do I need to be a member to book a private party? The Club’s banquet facilities can handle events up to 200 people. The host does not have to be a member of the Club.

– How can I get more involved in the Club’s activities? NOYC is lucky to be filled with a large group of volunteers.  Please contact any of the club’s Committee Chairs, they are a great source of information, and you can always call the Club for more information regarding volunteering for particular events.

How is NOYC affiliated with the Friends of West End? NOYC is a charter member of the Friends of West End and maintains a permanent seat on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Have a question not answered above, you may request further information by calling (504)283-2581.