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NOYC Events


NOYC Ship's Store at CRSA

Visit the new NOYC Ship's Store @ Coral Reef Sailing Apparel

North Sails
Benz Faget
(877) 874-7245
(504) 831-1775

Sintes Boat Works

MG Mayer Yachts
Supporter of NOYC Juniors

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Save Our Lighthouse

Club Leadership


Commodore: Diana Daigle
Vice-Commodore: Louis Lambou
Rear-Commodore: Glen Tonguis
Treasurer: John Wolf
Secretary: Mark Binder
Past Commodore: Jessica Quinn
Board At Large: Austin Abel
Board At Large: Anne-Marie Black
Board At Large: Alan Borne
Board At Large: Dom Grieshaber
Board At Large: Rick Owens


Finance: John Wolf
By-laws: Alan Borne
Club Boats: OJ Williams
Dry Storage: Rob Grisoli
Entertainment: Gina Binder
GYA Capdevielle: Shawn Brennan
GYA Offshore Council: Louis Lambou
GYA Offshore Challenge Cup: Austin Abel/Anne-Marie Black
GYA One-Design Council: Glen Tonguis
House: Rickey Smith
Mardi Gras Race Week Rusty Weaver
Nautilus: Charlie Killian
Protest: John Wolf
Publicity/NOYC.ORG: John Wolf
Race: Glen Tonguis
Regatta: Glen Tonguis
Viper: Shawn Brennan
Cruising: Mark Binder
Legal: Allen Borne
Safety Director: Jay Wynowski
Liptons: Ryan Bancroft
LPRC: Louis Lambou/Paul McCaskell
Membership: Jan Bancroft
Juniors: Kevin Gunn

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