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3 comments to Help Rebuild the Marina

  • Willard Fields

    I think the outer perimeter all the way out to the point should be built up no matter which way we go. It doesn’t make much sense to have the Marina in the middle of the open waters of the Lake when the tide comes up 6 feet. I prefer using the existing concrete piers which have shown they can last through the worst hurricanes along with taller pilings. The floating dock idea seems to have resulted in disaster when used locally.


    I lost my sailboat to Katrina.
    I now have another boat in another marina; however, many of my friends have boats in NOMYH now and I hate to seem them struggle with portable generators to supply electric power to their boats.
    I have also experienced being caught in NOMYH after dark and it is SCARY trying to navigate out of that harbor in the dark as there is woefully inadequate lighting. I am surprised that no accidents/injuries ( that I have heard of???) have happened due to this negligence and I hope no one does get hurt, but this is all the more reason that NOMYH really needs to be repaired and made fully functional as soon as possible FOR SAFETY’S SAKE!!!!

  • Ralph R. Hopkins

    Marinas are always built by Politiicians and Engineers. The Yachtsman is NEVER consulted. We usually endup with a barge terminal or something like a park and a fishing complex. First, we don’t need a fishing pier, if we fish we do it from our boats. Second, we don’t need a launch, our boats are too big and heavy for a trailer. We don’t need a park for children to play or picnic-goers. Yet, we are usually forced to pay for these things in the cost of our slips. Then in actual design, they always put 3 or 4 horozontal stringers on the side of the slip to destroy the rail of boats moving with wave action. They always make the slips too narrow and the finger-piers half the length of the boat slip. Then when you talk about operation: they hire people to keep it clean–but they don’t do it and management doesn’t care or scared to act. Then the problem of dogs, people never clean up behind their dogs. Some yacht harbors place a fine of boats that allow their halyards to slap against the mast creating lots of noise. Some have towers that produce noise to keep the gulls away. Then you have a city like New Orleans that has the money to rebuild the harbor: “Is this the 99th study and survey to get the job done?”

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