NOYC Burgee

2012 Closing Regatta

October 6, 2012



  1. Organizing Authority New Orleans Yacht Club, 403 N Roadway St., New Orleans, LA 70124.
  2. Rules All races will be governed by the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association except where altered by this notice and the Sailing Instructions. Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.
  3. Safety
    1. All boat shall carry all U.S.C.G. required safety equipment.
    2. All boats shall carry a functional VHF radio and monitor channel 68. The Race Committee will monitor channel 68.
  4. Eligibility These races are open to all spinnaker and non-spinnaker boats.
    1. Yachts may register in advance online or at the club on the day of the race. No entry is complete until payment has been received.
    2. Current GYA PHRF, X-PHRF, or S-PHRF ratings and a valid rating certificate are required. Boats with a Portsmouth rating that can be converted or crossed-over to a PHRF rating may be accepted. Otherwise the Race Committee will assign a temporary rating with an estimated six seconds penalty. Provisional ratings assigned by the Race Committee will be accepted without protest, and may not be protested. PHRF ratings may be obtained online at
  5. Fees The entry fee is $15.00 or $10.00 for US Sailing members. Payment maybe made by credit card, cash, club charge, etc. The preferable method of payment is at the NOYC Website.
  6. Notice to Competitors or Changes to Sailing Instructions Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located near the rear entrance or announced at the skipper's meeting.
  7. Signals Made Ashore Signals made ashore will be displayed from the flagpole located in dry storage. If a postponement is signaled ashore, the warning signal will be made not less than 45 minutes after flag AP is lowered.
  8. Schedule of Events
    Date Time
    10/6 1100-1130 Registration
      1145 Skipper's Meeting - Mandatory Attendance
      1300 Warning Signal - 1 Race Attempted
      After Race Awards
  9. Classes and Class Flags Class breaks and flags will be announced at the skipper's meeting. At a minimum there will be one spinnaker and one non-spinnaker class.
  10. Racing Area and Course The racing area will be located on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain using fixed marks. The course will be be shown by the committee boat before the warning signal.
  11. Non-Spinnaker Sail Restrictions - These may be altered at the skipper's meeting.
    1. Only one headsail may be carried at any time except when changing headsails. The headsail my be roller furling, a headsail that is attached with a twin foil headstay or a headsail that is hanked to the headstay with hanks no further apart than 48 inches. No spinnaker may be carried. No bloopers may be carried. No poleless spinnaker or gennaker may be carried. Staysails are permitted; however, the tack must be attached no less than 1/3 the distance of the "J" measurement behind the jib tack point. The distance behind the jib plus the LP of the Staysail must not be greater than the rated LP of the boat. Yawl and Ketch rigged vessels may carry mizzen staysails.
    2. Whisker poles are to be no longer than the yacht's spinnaker pole (usually "J" measurement, found on PHRF Certificate) and must be attached to the mast. Only one Whisker Pole may be carried at any time.
  12. Time Limit The time limit expires 30 minutes after the first boat in a class finishes. If no boat in a class finishes within 2 hours, the time limit will expire for the entire class.
  13. Protests - This changes Rule 61.3 Protests shall be announced to the comittee boat upon finishing or at the first reasonable opportunity. Protests must be filed on a US Sailing protest form no later than 45 minutes after the committee boat docks. Parties to a protest shall provide their own Rule Book. Each party will have five (5) minutes to plea their case with a five (5) minute rebuttal. After which, the protest chairman will make a decision for the purpose of the award presentation. A regular protest committee will hear the protest if damage or inujury occurs, but at a later date. This changes RRS 61.
  14. Scoring The Low-Point scoring system of Appendix A will apply.
  15. Prizes Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded for each class. It is the goal to award prizes 90 minutes after the last boat finishes.
  16. Information Daniel Rubin at Phone: (504) 283-2581