NOYC's Closing Regatta

October 22, 2011



1   Organizing Authority

 New Orleans Yacht Club, 403 N Roadway St., New Orleans, LA 70124-1639

2   Rules

All races will be governed by the 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association except where altered by these instructions.

3   Eligibility

3.1   Current GYA PHRF or S-PHRF ratings and a valid rating certificate are required. PHRF ratings may be obtained online at the website..

4   Safety

4.1   All boat shall carry all U.S.C.G. required safety equipment.

4.2   All boats shall carry a functional VHF radio and monitor channel 68. The Race Committee will monitor channel 69.

5   Non-Spinnaker Sail Restrictions

5.1   Only one headsail may be used at a time. Headsails of maximum size used for PHRF ratings or smaller may be carried and tacked at the usual tack point with luff continuously attached to the forestay by means provided the sail maker. Roller furling headsails attached on its own wire (i.e., Old Shaffer systems) will be allowed. In the case of hank on sails, the hanks will be no further apart than 48 inches. Spinnakers and staysails (except mizzen staysails) will not be allowed.

5.2   Whisker poles are to be no longer than the yacht's spinnaker pole (i.e., "J" measurement) and must be attached to the mast. Only one Whisker Pole may be carried at any time.

6   Registration & Entry Fee - $20.00, $5.00 discount for current US Sailing Members

Registration & Entry Fee are required for the race and shall include the following: Skipper/ Owner Name, Sail Number, PHRF Rating, Boat Name, Boat Type, and desired spinnaker division (Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker). Registration may be completed by the following methods: Phone (504) 283-2581; Online @; Mail via the US Postal Service; or in person at the NOYC bar. Boat registration must be completed 15 minutes before the skippers meeting.

7   Notices and Changes in Sailing Instructions

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board near the north (rear) entrance to NOYC. Any changes to the sailing instructions will be posted no later than noon on race day, or on the water.

9   Classes and Class Flags

9.1   Class breaks will be posted on the official notice board no after registration is completed.

9.2    Three boat minimum per class. Any class with less than three boats will not be scored.

The time limit for the race shall be two hours thirty minutes (2:30).

10   Protest

10.1 All protesting boats shall fly a red protest flag in an obvious location and, additionally, inform the Race Committee boat upon finishing, or if unable to finish, at first reasonable opportunity, of the sail number(s) or otherwise identify the protested boat(s). This changes RRS 61.

10.2 All protests must be filed on a protest form (available at NOYC or at US Sailing's website) no later than fourty-five minutes after the Race Committee Boat docks. Parties to a protest shall provide their own Rule Book. Each party will have five (5) minutes to plea their case with a five (5) minute rebuttal. After which, the protest chairman will make a decision for the purpose of the award presentation. A regular protest committee will hear the protest if damage occurs, but at a later date. This changes RRS 61.

11   Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to the boats that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each class. The presentation of the prizes shall begin ninety (90) minutes after the last boat finishes.

12   Schedule of Events

Registration Form

NOYC Closing Regatta 2011

New Orleans Yacht Club
403 N. Roadway Drive
New Orleans, LA 70124

Please print clearly - all information is required:





Are you a member of US Sailing? Yes #_________ No____Yacht Club_________________

Yacht Name_______________________________________________Sail #_________________

Boat type_____________________ Color__________If PHRF what is your rating_______

Class - circle one of the following:

Spinnaker                Non-Spinnaker


I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event. For and in consideration of the acceptance of my entry in this regatta, I hereby accept all risks and responsibilities of my yacht and crew’s participation and agree to hold harmless New Orleans Yacht Club, its officers, employees, committees, organizing bodies and sponsors for any liabilities out of or in any way connected with such participation.

Signature of skipper or owner__________________________________Date____________

Registration fee $20 - Payment type: Check #______Cash Visa MasterCard