2013 Big Wheel Race / Opening Regatta

April 13, 2013



1   Organizing Authority

 New Orleans Yacht Club, 403 N Roadway St., New Orleans, LA 70124-1639

2   Rules

All races will be governed by the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) and the Prescriptions of the United States Sailing Association except where altered by these Sailing Instructions.

3   Eligibility

These races are open to all sailboats.

3.1   Yachts may register in advance online or at the club on the day of the race. No entry is complete until payment has been received.

3.2   Current GYA PHRF, X-PHRF, or S-PHRF ratings and a valid rating certificate are required. Boats with a Portsmouth rating that can be converted or crossed-over to a PHRF rating may be accepted. Otherwise the Race Committee will assign a temporary rating with an estimated six seconds penalty. Provisional ratings assigned by the Race Committee will be accepted without protest, and may not be protested. PHRF ratings may be obtained online at the GYA.org website.

4   Fees

The entry fee is $15.00. US Sailing members $10.00 with valid membership. Payment maybe made by credit card, cash, club charge, etc.

5   Notice to Competitors or Changes to Sailing Instructions

Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board located near the rear entrance or announced at the skipper's meeting.

6   Safety

6.1   All boat shall carry all U.S.C.G. required safety equipment.

6.2   All boats shall carry a functional VHF radio and monitor channel 69. The Race Committee will monitor channel 69.

6.3   Those boats that do not comply with all of the above, a.) Are subject to protest and disqualification, or b.) The Race Committee at its discretion may score a boat as Disqualified (DSQ).

7   Schedule of Events

 1200Skipper's Meeting - Mandatory Attendance
 1300Warning Signal
 ASAPPrizes & Crawfish Boil

8   Classes and Class flags

Class breaks and class flags will identified at the Skipper's meeting.

9   Non-Spinnaker Sail Restrictions

9.1   Only one headsail may be used at a time. Headsails of maximum size used for PHRF ratings or smaller may be carried and tacked at the usual tack point with luf continuously attached to the forestay by means provided the sail maker. Roller furling headsails attached on its’ own wire (i.e., Old Shaffer systems) will be allowed. In the case of hank on sails, the hanks will be no further apart than 48 inches. Spinnakers and staysails (except mizzen staysails) will not be allowed.

9.2   Whisker poles are to be no longer than the yacht's spinnaker pole (usually "J" measurement, found on PHRF Certificate) and must be attached to the mast. Only one Whisker Pole may be carried at any time.

10   The Course & Change of Course

The Race Commitee will post the course on the Committee Boat. The Committee Boat will be on station at the T mark. The course will round the marks A through H shown on the NOYC standard chart. For example, if the course is ET2, all boats shall, after starting between T and the Committee Boat, proceed to E and round to port, then proceed around the circle of marks in a counterclockwise direction two times. After two rouunds, the initial mark will be passed to port again before proceeding to the finish line between T and the Committee Boat. The course will not be changd or shortened. Distances are not subject to protest. All marks roundings of the course shall be to port.

Missing marks will be replaced with temporary RED marks.

Ice chests with beer, drinks and food will be placed along the race course. Boats can choose to pass up the ice chest or they can retrieve the ice chest simulating a man-overboard drill. Eace ice chest will have a letter assigned to it. The ice chests may also contain random time bonuses, penalties, or other goodies. At race time, it will not be known by the competitors which ice chest is which. Corrected times will be adjusted at trophy presentation. Ice chestand contents of the ice chest are for the competititors to keep. Ice chests maybe anchored to yellow temporary marks.

11   Starting Line

The starting line will be between an orange line flag on the Race Committee boat and the adjacent mark "T" or temporary mark.

12   Starting Line

The finish line will be between an orange line flag on the Race Committee boat and the adjacent mark "T" or temporary mark.

13   Time Limit

The time limit for each class is two and one half hours.

14   Protest

All protesting boats shall fly a protest flag in an obvious location and inform the Race Committee upon finishing, or if unable to finish, at the first reasoable opportunity, of the sail number(s) of the protested boat(s). All protests must be filed on a protest form (available at NOYC) no later than one hur after the RC boat docks.

15   Prizes

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be awarded for each class.